$1700 Insurance Claim Windfall to New Client

Fantastic news for a client of SMART.

A prospective client had an existing life insurance policy for a number of years.

When we called on this prospective client they raised the matter that they were off work for up to 6 months due to a car accident.

I asked the client whether they made an insurance claim under their premium cover insurance and he didn’t realise that he could have made an insurance claim nor advised by their current adviser.

The accident was some three years ago and we helped the client with organising the  insurance claim on their behalf, three years after the event!

Today the client just received a cheque for over $1700 for which they are very grateful as they didn’t even realise that they could have made an insurance claim without my knowledge and advice.

We are also now helping this client save over $300 on their life insurance premiums. Which is another win for them.

Happy client you bet they are!

Keen to see if YOU can find some free money like this too?  Contact us NOW.

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