Review your home loan interest rate TODAY!

Recently you may heard in the press that the banks are having a price war.

This is a great opportunity for bank customers with home loans to obtain better interest rates. (even if you are on a fixed rate).

If you find yourself to busy and unable to go to the bank or feel nervous about approaching the bank then we as expert advisers would be able to assist you and contact the bank on your behalf and negotiate a better deal for you.

What will this cost, you maybe asking? Well the answer is nil, zero cost to you!

YES that is right, let us review your home loan interest rate for you at no cost to you and you may even get a better deal than what you currently have saving you time, heartache and of course money. Hey, no worries if you don’t want us to review your loan all I say is if you do the time and capacity, then at least do yourself a favour and visit your bank to negotiate a better rate. You may even thank me for the advice.

We have managed to save our clients thousands of dollars in interest just by having us complete a review for them. Better the money in your pocket than the banks coffers at least I say.

Thanks for reading this message and feel free to contact me on 09 9405801 or 021 909406 if you would like a no obligation loan review or if you have any enquiries.


Rohit Ranchhod
Financial Adviser

PS If you review your loan through us we will provide you with a free market report for your property to.

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