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Landlord Protection Insurance

Landlord protection insurance costs less than you might think and gives you unrivalled protection for your property – like when tenants abscond or cause damage to your property. Talk to us so we can make sure you have the right policy in place for your situation. We understand the fine print and ensure you do too. That way; you have the cover you want to help you continue to manage the outgoings on your property, if things go wrong! As always, you decide – our job is to ensure you and your family can continue to enjoy the lifestyle you’ve earned.

Understanding landlord protection insurance

Landlord protection insurance is about making sure you’re not under financial pressure if something unplanned comes about like; having to evict tenants, intentional damage or theft by tenants, repair or rebuilding of your property (or contents) or if tenants don’t pay (or vacate without notice).  You can be covered for costs and / or loss of rental income – protecting your finances when you need it. Talk to us and let us help you decide where your real risks are and source for you your most affordable support.

Landlord protection insurance extras

Managing mortgage payments on multiple properties means you need confidence in your ability to pay – no matter what. We offer a range of products designed to keep your loved ones in the lifestyle you want from life insurance, to mortgage protection insuranceredundancy insuranceincome protection insurancetrauma or critical illness insurance and even business income insurance. Making sure your assets stay yours is really important to us – so we make sure you get the right cover, at the right price to stay protected.

Free review and free quote on your landlord protection insurance

If you’re ready to review or arrange your landlord protection insurance, just contact us. We’ll undertake a free review of your existing insurance policies and identify any gaps or overlaps and set about creating the perfect insurance programme for your unique circumstances. And if don’t give you much better value – you’re under no obligation. That’s how confident we are. Talk to us today!