Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Life insurance takes care of you and your family when you can’t. There are many types and many, many different policies out there. Getting good advice is important to make sure you have the most appropriate, most affordable insurance programme in place.

Life insurance can be structured to help you through critical times in your life or to take care of your family when you’re gone (or a combination of both). The costs vary hugely so talk to us first!

Understanding life insurance

It’s important to understand that although you could have more than one policy – they may not necessarily pay out independently for the same event. That means you could be paying more than you need to for your cover.

We recommend getting experienced guidance to make sure you understand exactly what you’re paying for. We help you determine your real risks now and in the long term and ensure that you have the cover you really need at the right price.

Life insurance extras

Life insurance can refer to a specific policy or a combination of policies. Different types include term life or life insurance (usually paying out after your death), disability insurancetrauma or critical illness insuranceincome protection insurancemortgage protection insuranceredundancy insurance and funeral insurance. One policy could bundle a number of these together or you may be better offer choosing different policies altogether.

Free review and free quote on your life insurance

Take advantage of our free, no obligation review and check that you have the cover you need – no gaps you don’t want, no doubling up.

If you’re considering life insurance for the first time – talk to us.

We’ll step you through all the available products so you make an informed choice and can live your life, the way you want. If you want a quick estimate use our quote page.