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Business Overheads Insurance

Business overheads insurance takes care of your business overheads if you can’t. Typically you as the owner would get a monthly benefit to cover continuing expenses under the agreed terms. This does not usually include your salary (for that you’d want to consider business income insurance). What it does is help you pay the costs of your business including things like rent, leases, rates and taxes taking the burden off you to pay the costs of your business if you can’t work. Talk to us and protect your business today!

Understanding business overheads insurance

Business overheads insurance is designed to cover the cost of running your business. That’s the fixed operational costs and they are clearly specified in your policy. So for example, staff salaries are usually only covered if they are unable to generate revenue due to your illness or accident. That’s why it’s important to understand the policy programme you have. We make sure you have the most affordable cover for your real risks, and that you understand exactly the kind of cover you have in place.

Business overheads insurance extras

Yes, it’s worth considering business income insurance and accident insurance to protect your personal income along with key person insurance to protect your business over time. But simply put, when you talk with us – we’ll guide you through all the insurance options you may need. It doesn’t mean you’ll want all of them but you ultimately will know which ones you do want and why. We make sure you have all the cover you need at the right price. And that means you can continue to build wealth in your business knowing your risks are in hand.

Free review and free quote on your business overheads insurance

Talk to us about the business insurances you need. We provide a free review and free quotes so you can see exactly what your options are – no double ups and no gaps! Even a quick chat with us is worth it to see if you’re likely well covered or if there’s areas where we think we can do better. Give us a call.