iStock_000011618280XSmallDid you know that the reserve bank restrictions of limiting the lending to 80% of the value of the property only applies to the registered banks in New Zealand?

This ruling was not to stop homebuyers from being able to borrow money but to help stabilise the lending portfolios of New Zealand registered banks from disaster, whilst also trying to stem the housing market.

Does this measure mean you can’t buy a home now with less than a 20% deposit?


As specialist mortgage advisers it is our job to help clients with arranging their home loan finance for them.

We have access to some non-bank lenders that can assist our clients to borrow money to help them purchase their home where they need more than the 80% of funding available through a bank.

The interest rates are around 0.15% – 0.20% higher than the banks rates, which is around $150 – $200 more in interest per annum per $100k.

The service we offer is FREE and saves our clients time and money as they don’t need to take time of work for meetings as we come to you.

What’s more we can also help arrange your mortgage insurance requirements too. This means that you don’t have to go looking for someone to take care of that requirement for you saving you time and money again.

With our experience and expertise we will be able to customise a home loan to suit your budget and get you the protection that you need.

So if you are in the market or have a family member or friend that needs help why not contact SMART today for a FREE no obligation chat.