Housing Market data 2021

Have you seen the latest housing data from September 2021?


There has never been a more important time to look at the important data if YOU want to get into the housing market.

How much will you pay the bank over the course of your loan?

What can you do to reduce your loan lifespan?

Is your bank ready to coach you through reduction of your mortgage from 30 years down to 15 or even 10 years?

These are important questions.  It’s not JUST how much your house is worth, and the interest rate.

Keen to learn more?

Some of our handy pages and links:

► Refinance / remortgage: https://www.smartbrokers.co.nz/should-i-remortgage-in-new-zealand/

► Mortgage Reviews NZ: https://www.smartbrokers.co.nz/why-should-you-have-a-mortgage-review/

► How to repay your mortgage in 10 years: https://go.smartbrokers.co.nz/smart-dbc-live-edited-on-demand/

► Mortgage Calculator: https://www.smartbrokers.co.nz/nz-home-loans/mortgage-repayment-calculator/

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Home Buyers Guide

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