Are You In Kiwisaver?

Maybe when you started work you were just placed in a Kiwisaver scheme.

Kiwisaver is the quickest way to build both a first home deposit & security for your retirement.

The government gives you over $500 a year towards your savings and if you are in employment your employer matches your contributions up to 3% of your pay. – This is before you even take into account any interest on your savings.

New Zealand has no other retirement plan like it.

But many kiwi’s may be in the wrong fund for their time in life “A parking spot!” This will have an impact on how much less money you could have at retirement.

Questions like – Will you be withdrawing for your first home and how far away from retirement are you?

Are factors in which fund you should place your money.

It can make for a hard decision on where to invest – as not all funds are created equal.

Since 2011 we have seen interest rates between 1% and 24%.

Although we can never guarantee the rate of return, the right advice can improve your odds of a good return and more money for your retirement.

Depending on what stage of your life you are in will determine the makeup of where your money is invested.


This is a great option for self-employed business owners also as you to can get the government contributions.

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